Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Your Birthing Partner(s)

Who to take and who to leave at home!

Your birth partner should be a person whose judgement you trust and who will be with you throughout your labour and be your voice and advocate when you are too busy birthing your baby to think straight. Your birth partner can be your baby’s father, a partner, a close friend, your mum, sister or a doula. If you feel you would need to be supporting them through the labour, choose someone else.
Some hospitals will allow two birth partners, although do check the policy before planning, to avoid disappointment.
Labour is a special time where a couple in love can use their love to release natural oxytocin to support and progress the labour. Come along to one of our Antenatal Classes to learn more about this natural, power releasing chemical.
It may seem obvious, but do not invite anyone to support you who you do not trust or cannot completely relax with. As a midwife, so often women would bring with them birth partners out of some misplaced duty rather than the person who they would trust with their life. If you’re planning on two birth partners, make sure, both are in tune with each other and your wishes; warring birth partners are the quickest way to a disrupted labour with bad outcomes.
As a quick test, imagine your prospective birth partners in a room together for 8 hours – could you, in the middle of them, fall into a fully relaxed sleep knowing they would both equally and in collaboration, look out for you in the most positive, supportive manner and have your best interests at heart. If yes – they’re the ones for you! If not, cross them off the list. One good birth partner is better than two bad ones.
Let your midwife know who you are planning to bring with you to support you in labour.

Tomorrow we will be looking at the signs of early labour – how to spot the signs and get ready for your Baby’s Birthday – this is one party you definitely won’t be missing!

Nurture Antenatal x

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