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What is Colic? 

In the medical terminology colic means, ‘the excessive, frequent crying in a baby who appears to be otherwise healthy and well fed’. 

How can you tell if your baby has colic?

Although it isn’t scientific a paediatrician name Dr Russell Wessell came up with ‘the rule of 3’s’ which states that if your kid:-
  •       Cries for more than 3 hours a day
  •       Or more than 3 days a week
  •       For 3 weeks

Then your kid is classed as a colicky baby. 
Although studies have shown that colicky babies don’t cry anymore than babies that don’t colic, when they do cry it is often:-
  •       Longer in duration and they are just inconsolable (which, can be distressing for parents!) 
  •       Their crying is sudden, very high pitched and they often tense their fists, legs and muscles 

Do not worry!

Colic isn’t harmful to babies (as much as it's hard to see your little thing this way) and they will grow and feed normally, however make sure that you seek medical advice to rule out anything else.

How to help prevent colic

Colic and Breast feeding, what you should do.

·      Correct attachment- make sure your baby has attached correctly so that they can drain the milk properly
·      Use one breast- avoid switching breasts, this is because the milk from the first breast is low in fat and calories when switching the second breast the baby does not take the milk filled with high fat and high calories causing the baby to have more milk than is required.

For symptoms caused by an allergy - Use hypoallergenic infant formula
For symptoms caused by cow’s milk intolerance - Use hypoallergenic or soy formula

Colic is a big subject and if you would like to read more in depth on this topic we have a published page that covers colic in much more detail so please take a look at:-

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