Friday, 31 May 2013

Mobility in labour


There is evidence that movement throughout labour can reduce your need for pain relief. 

First stage of Labour 

Hopefully, you are encouraged by the midwife to move around a lot during the first stage. Keeping upright can help alignment of your baby, and of course gravity is on your side! Also, movement such as rocking can help with pain management, as well as walking around.  Don't panic, try and remember the positions you have learnt in your antenatal classes. 

Do what comes what comes naturally to you, your body will know even if you don't! 

Second stage of Labour

Again, upright positions are encouraged during this part of labour, such as sitting, kneeling, squatting, or on your hands and knees.  If you're tired, you can have your birthing partner help support you whilst in certain positions, or having a birthing cushion so you can be semi-recumbent (partly reclining).

If you're having a water birth, you may find movement a little easier as you're a lot lighter in the water. Remember, you can remain in the pool, or get out to give birth. Do what feels best for you at the time.

Once again, movement helps during second stage of labour and it's best to keep changing positions until you find one that works for you and allows you to be the most relaxed so you can have a positive birthing experience. 

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