Thursday, 9 May 2013

Folic Acid

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Time for some Nurture Nutritional Knowledge on Folic Acid. 

You should be taking a 400 micro-gram Folic Acid tablet everyday whilst trying to conceive right up until you're 12 weeks pregnant. 

Folic Acid is Vitamin B9. It is water soluble so it is is never stored properly within the body which is why a supplement is often needed. It is important as Folic Acid is essential for all types of development. Here are just a few-

Brain function, DNA creation, the nervous system as well as healthy skin, hair, eyes and liver. 

You can pick up Folic Acid tablets pretty much anywhere these days, most well known supermarkets and chemists should stock them.

You can also boost your Folic Acid by having certain types of food within your diet. e.g broccoli, brussel sprouts, peas, lettuce, cauliflower, beans and brown rice. 

So remember to take Folic Acid ladies. And spread the word.

The Nurture Antenatal team x

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