Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Myths surrounding Breastfeeding

Time to bust some myths. 

Pumping your breast milk is an indicator of how much milk you produce. Nope. Truth is, a baby that can breastfeed properly can get out more milk than the pump. Stress levels and other factors can change the flow. Pumping breast milk only indicates how much you can pump. 

Breastfeeding can be an inconvenience for the mother.  Not true. Well, at least this one shouldn't be true. You are able to breastfeed your baby anywhere. It can be liberating. Not having to worry about sterilising bottles and heating up formula. What you have in your breast is perfect for your little one. 

You need to wash your breast/nipples before every feed. False! Yes you need to sterilise your bottle as it can be a breeding ground for bacteria. But your nipples and breast milk help build up the right immune system for your baby. No need to wash before every feed. 

Many women don't produce enough milk. False. If anything many women produce enough milk to feed their whole neighborhood! Usually if the baby isn't gaining enough weight it's because the baby isn't latching on correctly not because their isn't enough milk. It is very important mothers are helped from day one by their midwives. (Here is a link to our website for more info- (

Modern formula is just as food as breast milk. Nope. False. Superficially they are similar but formula milk does not contain enzymes, hormones or anti-bodies. There is also a lot more to breast feeding than it's ingredients. 

Breast feeding will make your boobs sag. No, no, no! It is usually just the typical aging process that is to blame. Although research has shown that the expansion and deflation of the milk ducts are likely to be the cause- NOT breastfeeding. Plus, the benefits of feeding your baby your milk surely outweighs the appearance of you breasts. 

Happy Breastfeeding!

Nurture Antenatal x

Once again, if you're worried about breastfeeding please email our midwives at for advice. 

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