Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Breast feeding. For your baby.

Breast milk is wonderful stuff. 

Not only is is great for you as the mother, the baby benefits a great deal too.

It can help reduce the risk of - 

• respiratory infections
• gastro-intestinal infection
• necrotising enterocolitis (tissue death in the bowels)
• urinary tract infections
• ear infections
• allergic disease (eczema and wheezing)
• insulin-dependent diabetes 
• sudden infant death syndrome
• childhood leukaemia.
With all these benficial factors, deciding whether to breast feed or not should be relatively easy. But for those of you who are struggling to breastfeed there are of course alternatives. Please ask your midwife for extra advice or email one of our midwives at info@nurtureantenatal if you have any questions. 

Tomorrow we will be discussing the myths surrounding breastfeeding. 

Nurture Antenatal x

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